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OPay has partnered with WorldRemit to provide a fast, convenient and affordable way to receive money from abroad without leaving the comfort of your home.

Why use OPay to receive money?


With OPay, you receive money from your loved ones abroad instantly. No wait times.


With OPay, you can receive money from the comfort of your home, directly into your OPay wallet and cashout at any of our 300,000 agent locations across Nigeria.


With OPay, there is no worry about hidden or extra charges. You receive 100% of your money.


Go from receiving money to earning 12% interest per annum on OPay's FlexiFixed.

Receive money in 3 simple steps!


Download the OPay APP on Google Play Store or the AppStore.


Create an account and upgrade your wallet by verifying your identity.


Share your account details with your family and friends abroad.

Never miss out on important


Prepare your loved ones at home for a bright future. Pay for tuition, text books and other schooling costs.


Provide and cater for your family needs such as feeding, bill payments, comfort, safety and help them level up!


Make payments for your ageing parents and relatives to access necessary medical/healthcare facilities anywhere in Nigeria, wherever.

Save Time, No Stress

OPay is providing a fast, convenient and affordable way to receive money from abroad without leaving the comfort of your home. When you receive money via the OPay app, you can withdraw immediately from a nearby agent or save in the app to make more money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is WorldRemit?
WorldRemit is a globally recognized online money transfer business that provides international money transfer services in more than 50 countries. OPay has partnered with WorldRemit to allow Nigerians receive money into their OPay wallets from friends and families abroad.
Why should I use OPay to receive funds from WorldRemit instead of using my regular bank account?
With OPay, your funds are credited instantly! You don't need to queue at the banking halls to receive money from abroad.
How can I receive funds via WorldRemit?
  • Download the OPay APP
  • Create an account and upgrade your wallet by verifying your identity.
Am I eligible to receive funds via WorldRemit?
As a registered user on OPay with a verified account, you can receive money from your loved ones directly into your OPay wallet.
What Information do I need to provide to receive funds?
You only need to provide your full name and phone number as registered on the OPay App.
When will funds be credited to my wallet when receiving funds abroad?
With OPay, you receive your money instantly!
Are there limits to the funds I can receive?
As a verified user you have a minimum limit of N500,000 daily!! This is in-line with the balance limit approved by CBN.
How do I withdraw from my OPay wallet when I receive funds?
You can cash out via any of our 300,000 agents nationwide using the OPay nearby agent feature and also transfer funds to any bank account from your wallet.
What can I use the funds received abroad to do?
  • You can easily withdraw it from any of our nearby agents.
  • You can transfer to any bank.
  • You can pay bills (Airtime, data, Electricity, Cable TV etc)
  • You can invest in our savings products (FlexiFixed) and earn a 1% interest monthly.
Will my wallet be credited with the same currency as that of the Sender?
No! Your wallet will be credited with the receiver country’s currency which is in Naira (NGN).
Can I invest with funds credited via WorldRemit?

Yes! You can Invest in our product features;

  • 10% per annum with OWealth and,
  • 1% monthly with FlexiFixed!

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Pay bills, earn interest, get overdrafts and so on.